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The Boss Rush Event includes two new bosses, Sono and Chronos, and a new chest, the Boss Rush Chest.

How to access Boss Rush


When your game is updated, a new button will appear on your screen, this button, who has a drawn shape of skull on it is the only access to Boss Rush. By clicking on it, it will show up a screen if you want to start, if you already did one, it will have a button to refresh with an ad (Mobile Only) and a refresh for 10 Runic.

The Boss Rush

When the Boss Rush is started, it will generate a cycle of bosses, which changes each day. When you complete it, it gives a Boss Rush Chest, which gives exclusive items from Sono and Chronos but also boss items from other bosses along with artifacts, blocks...etc).

The New Items

Five new items are out for this event:

1) The Mystery of Time

2) The Sands of Time

3) Sono's Speakers

4) Chronos's Wheel

5) Champion of Time Trophy (Craftable in Furnace)

The Mystery Of Time

Chrono's Wheel

The Sand Of Time

Champion Of Time Trophy

Sono's Speaker