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Desert is the second biome. It can be unlocked for 750 Dirt. The biome before it is Plain and the next is Tundra.


There are 4 types of blocks in this biome : Sand, Sandstone, Cactus, Glass.

Sand is the most common block while Glass is the rarest.

Chances of finding a block[1]

Block Found [x of 16904] Chance to find [%] Chance to find [1 in x]
Sand 8082 47.81 % 2.09
Sandstone 4109 24.30 % 4.11
Cactus 4517 26.72 % 3.74
Glass 196 1.16 % 86.24

Biome Items


  • To get enough resources to craft the Glass Pickaxe, a player will need to break approximately 8,624 blocks!
  • The next biome (Tundra) may be unlocked for 750 Sandstone.


[1] Researched by breaking 16904 blocks and calculating the average chance. May not be absolutely correct.

A video showcasing the Desert Biome!