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Plain is the first biome. It is already unlocked from the start of the game. After every prestige, all biomes become locked except for Plain. The next biome is Desert.


There are 4 types of blocks in this biome: Dirt, WoodClay, and Pumpkin.

Dirt is the most common block while Pumpkin is the rarest.

Chances of finding a block[1]

Block Found [x of 1,667,981] Chance to find [%] Chance to find [1 in x] Concluded Actual Percentage
Dirt 752,928 45.14% 2.22 45.15%
Wood 500,592 30.01% 3.33 30%
Clay 397,682 23.84% 4.19 23.85%
Pumpkin 16,779 1.01% 99.41 1%

Picks Per Second


  • To get enough resources to craft the Pumpkin Pickaxe, a player will need to break approximately 10,000 blocks!
  • The next biome (Desert) may be unlocked for 750 Dirt.


[1] Researched by breaking 1,667,981 blocks and then calculating the average chance. May not be absolutely correct. Excludes Runic.

A video showcasing what you can expect in the Plain Biome!